Welcome To ASA Organic Oils Store

ASA Organic Oils are products of LizGold Global International. They are cold-Pressed and 100% natural. Our oils are extracted from fruits and vegetables naturally, without mixing them with anything else.

We consume too many artificial (synthetic) and non organic products around the world in recent times, that these days, we hear and see a lot of individuals, even little kids having one strange ailment or the other. Parents no longer have time to prepare the kind of meals we ate while we were growing up that kept us healthy, strong and intelligent. We seem to have thrown all natural given herbs, roots, fruits and food items that can improve our health without stress away and replaced them with artificial (synthetic) ones.

There are lots of ailments that these oils can cure, with your regular consumption of these oils, and with the prescription from a certified medical personnel or biochemist daily. All you have to do is make sure you are consuming the undiluted naturally processed oils and of course, the right quantity. This is why we are here to assist and guide you in getting these products in their natural state, without any form of heating or adulteration.

Why Choose Us?

Prompt Delivery

Our Delivery is fast, we deliver to your doorstep within 5 working days, all over Nigeria.

Affordable Delivery

Our oils are extremely affordable and available for all class and level.

100% Safe for consumption

Our oils are procuced in an extremely neat environment with your hygiene as our NO. 1 PRIORITY.

24/7 Support and Consultancy

We give our esteemed customers our absolute attention, both in product and health matters.